F1 Betting


Where can I bet on F1?

Betting on F1 is straight forward with a wide variety of longstanding and trustworthy sites who deliver competitive odds for every race.


Who should I bet on?

It’s more complex than just picking the race winner, usually the odds don’t justify the risk. There are many different markets available for F1 betting but usually there are good odds on team-mate rivalry bets. This is where you bet on which driver in a particular team will out perform the other.

It’s a good chance to make your bet based on the actual performance of the drivers. If you’re following F1 closely, you’ll have a good intuition about who’s on form and who’s not. If you’re following the season closely you can get great odds predicting the different team mate battles.

Is F1 betting fun?

If it isn’t, don’t do it. However, placing several very different bets before the race is a great way to help enhance the excitement. Place a bet on the team-mates at the back of the field and you’ll be on the edge of your seat watching two guys fighting over last place!

F1 is a long strategic race sometimes, betting on drivers to finish in the top 10 can draw your attention to the midfield, If Mercedes is on for another lights to flag victory, the rest of the field are usually in an intense battle for a single point.

Remember, when the fun stops, stop.

Can I make money betting on F1?

Yes, if you’re lucky. But don’t enter for money alone. Use betting as a way to enhance the enjoyment of an F1 race.