F1 2019 Drivers


F1 in 2019 is still a fairly long time away, but even from the end of our silly-season spy glass we can see some of of the biggest driver shakeups in recent years. With only two drivers contracted for 2019 onwards it’s still all to play for. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen have cast a doubt over their involvement meaning there are some big shoes to fill at the top of the grid. Daniel Ricciardo is seen as the playmaker on the grid, if he changes teams it could prompt a shuffle in the Red Bull camp to pull Sainz back into play opening up another void at Renault F1 Team.

Rising stars like Leclerc and Ocon could also be manoeuvred into place as part of engine deals if support teams.

Unsigned F1 Drivers for 2019


If you know of any contracted, heavily rumoured or likely transfers let me know in the comments below.