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Stoffel Vandoorne's 2018 F1 Performance


Top 16 Starts
8 of 9
Top 10 Finishes
3 of 9
8 of 9
16th Position
8th x1 Highest Finish
12th Average Position
8 Points
9 Starts
1 DNF's

Vandoorne Championship Position

13thThe national flag of FranceP. Gasly18+10
14thThe national flag of MonacoC. Leclerc13+5
15thThe national flag of FranceR. Grosjean12+4
16thThe national flag of BelgiumS. Vandoorne8
17thThe national flag of CanadaL. StrollWilliams4-4
18thThe national flag of SwedenM. Ericsson3-5
19thThe national flag of AustraliaB. Hartley1-7

F1 Results

1 The national flag of Australia Australia 11 9th 2 2
2 The national flag of Bahrain Bahrain 14 8th 4 6
3 The national flag of China China 14 13th 6
4 The national flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 16 9th 2 8
5 The national flag of Spain Spain 11 DNF 8
6 The national flag of Monaco Monaco 12 14th 8
7 The national flag of Canada Canada 15 16th 8 +2 laps
8 The national flag of France France 17 12th 8 +1 lap
9 The national flag of Austria Austria 14 15th 8

Current Form

Shows the finishing position over the last 9 races.

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Vandoorne's Season

Stoffel Vandoorne is a 26 year old driver from Belgium, for 2018 he is competing in Formula One with McLaren and sits 16th in the standings after 9 races.

Vandoorne has managed to test the front runners at times, capitalising on mistakes and misfortunes. He has had a top ten appearance on 3 occasions this season. Vandoorne will be looking to solidify he position in the top ten and start making advances towards the top finishing teams. With only one non-finish this season, Vandoorne has done a good job keeping the car out of trouble.

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