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Nicolas Prost's 2014 FE Performance

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Pole Positions
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6th Position
1st x1 Highest Finish
7th Average Position
1 Fastest Laps
89 Points
9 Top 10 Finishes
11 Starts
11 Finishes

Prost Championship Position

3rdThe national flag of BrazilL. di Grassi133+44
4thThe national flag of BelgiumJ. d'Ambrosio113+24
5thThe national flag of Great BritainS. Bird106+17
6thThe national flag of FranceN. Prost89
7thThe national flag of FranceJ. Vergne70-19
8thThe national flag of PortugalA. Felix da Costa51-38
9thThe national flag of FranceL. Duval42-47

FE Results

1 The national flag of China China 1 12th +3 3 +1 Lap (Accident)
2 The national flag of Malaysia Malaysia 1 4th 12 +3 18
3 The national flag of Uruguay Uruguay 3 7th 6 24
4 The national flag of Argentina Argentina 7 2nd 18 42 +5.354
5 The national flag of United States United States 2 1st 25 67 39 Laps
6 The national flag of United States United States 2 14th +2 69
7 The national flag of Monaco Monaco 6 6th 8 77
8 The national flag of Germany Germany 7 10th 1 78 +24.188s
9 The national flag of Russia Russia 6 8th 4 82
10 The national flag of Great Britain Great Britain 6 7th 6 88
11 The national flag of Great Britain Great Britain 15 10th 1 89

+ This series features bonus points, usually for fastest laps or pole position.

Current Form

Shows the finishing position over the last 11 races.

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Prost's Season

Nicolas Prost is a 40 year old driver from France, for 2014 he is competing in Formula E with e.dams and sits 6th in the standings after 11 races.

With a single race win to his name, he will have have to continue pushing hard until he can afford to dream of the title. Making it to the end of every race this season, Prost has done a good job of ensuring the team are in the best position to get results.

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