Nick Heidfeld's 2016 FE Performance

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Top 10 Starts
7 of 12
Top 10 Finishes
8 of 12
7th Position
3rd x5 Highest Finish
9th Average Position
88 Points
12 Starts
10 Finishes
2 DNF's

Heidfeld Championship Position

4thThe national flag of Great BritainS. BirdVirgin122+34
5thThe national flag of FranceJ. VergneTECHEETAH117+29
6thThe national flag of FranceN. Proste.dams93+5
7thThe national flag of GermanyN. HeidfeldMahindra Racing88
8thThe national flag of GermanyD. AbtAudi ABT67-21
9thThe national flag of ArgentinaJ. LopezVirgin65-23
10thThe national flag of FranceS. SarrazinTECHEETAH36-52

FE Results

1 The national flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 11 3rd 15 15
2 Hong Kong 11 9th 2 17
3 The national flag of Argentina Argentina 12 15th 17
4 The national flag of Mexico Mexico 4 12th 17
5 The national flag of Monaco Monaco 8 3rd 15 32
6 Monaco 6 3rd 15 47
7 The national flag of Germany Germany 4 3rd 15 62
8 The national flag of Germany Germany 20 10th 1 63
9 The national flag of United States United States 6 DNF 63
10 The national flag of United States United States 5 3rd 15 78
11 The national flag of Canada Canada 14 DNF 78
12 The national flag of Canada Canada 4 5th 10 88

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Heidfeld's Season

Nick Heidfeld is a 44 year old driver from Germany, for 2016 he is competing in Formula E with Mahindra Racing and sits 7th in the standings after 12 races.

Heidfeld has been fast and consistent at times, making gains on the front of the grid and appearing on the podium 5 times. Looking for faults at the front Heidfeld will be pushing hard for a chance of a race win. Heidfeld has struggled with some non-finishes this season, avoiding more would be paramount to a successful campaign in 2016.

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