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Kimi Räikkönen's 2018 F1 Performance


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Front Rows
3 of 5
Top 10 Finishes
3 of 5
4th Position
2nd x1 Highest Finish
9th Average Position
48 Points
5 Starts
3 Finishes
2 DNF's

Räikkönen Championship Position

1stThe national flag of Great BritainL. Hamilton95+47
2ndThe national flag of GermanyS. Vettel78+30
3rdThe national flag of FinlandV. Bottas58+10
4thThe national flag of FinlandK. Räikkönen48
5thThe national flag of AustraliaD. Ricciardo47-1
6thThe national flag of NetherlandsM. Verstappen33-15
7thThe national flag of SpainF. Alonso32-16

Claims to fame or secret shames...

Has the most fastest laps this season (43)

Oldest driver on the grid (38)

Lost the most places this season (-27)

F1 Results

1 The national flag of Australia Australia 2 3rd 15 15
2 The national flag of Bahrain Bahrain 2 DNF 15 Loose Wheel
3 The national flag of China China 2 3rd 15 30
4 The national flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 6 2nd 18 48
5 The national flag of Spain Spain 4 DNF 48

Current Form

Shows the finishing position over the last 5 races.

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Räikkönen's Season

Kimi Räikkönen is a 38 year old driver from Finland, for 2018 he is competing in Formula One with Ferrari and sits 4th in the standings after 5 races.

Räikkönen has been fast and consistent at times, making gains on the front of the grid and appearing on the podium 3 times. Looking for faults at the front Räikkönen will be pushing hard for a chance of a race win. Räikkönen has struggled with some non-finishes this season, avoiding more would be paramount to a successful campaign in 2018.

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