Alfonso Celis's 2014 F3 Euro Performance

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31st Position
15th x1 Highest Finish
20th Average Position
3 Starts

Celis Championship Position

28thThe national flag of New ZealandN. CassidyT-Sport0
29thThe national flag of ItalyM. BerettaEurointernational0
30thThe national flag of BrazilS. Sette CameraEurointernational0
31stThe national flag of MexicoA. CelisFortec Motorsports0
32ndThe national flag of MacauA. ChangWest-Tec F30
33rdThe national flag of ChinaH. CaoFortec Motorsports0
34thThe national flag of Great BritainW. BullerSignature0

F3 Euro Results

22 The national flag of Austria Austria 25 19th 0
23 The national flag of Austria Austria 22 15th 0
24 The national flag of Austria Austria 22 DNF 0

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Celis's Season

Alfonso Celis is a 24 year old driver from Mexico, for 2014 he is competing in F3 European Championship with Fortec Motorsports and sits 31st in the standings after 3 races.

Failing to make it to the top ten this season will be a bitter blow, closing the gap to the midfield runners and capitalising on mistakes in front could help Celis get closer to the vital point scoring positions.With only one non-finish this season, Celis has done a good job keeping the car out of trouble.