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Hi, I’m Alex. Welcome to GP Hub.

After years of following F1 I started to get tired of just how long the off-season could be. I was spending my days searching the web for the slightest hint of a news story, refreshing the f1.com website several times a day with no further news to report.

Anything new I could read into, a new driver, new technical innovations or even just an article on a new helmet design was like gold dust. So I decided to pull in all my favourite sites into one place.

This website started as my F1 hub, with a growing list of F1 drivers, in what I think is the perfect mix of stats, news, photography and general information. As the years rolled on I wanted to add more and more series to the site, covering the junior series as well as expanding to larger series such as Indycar.

I’m a web designer / developer during my working week and this site gives me a great opportunity to experiment and tinker (I apologies if the site looks a little broken from time to time, I’m probably working late on something).


2012 November – Get-the-latest.com starts, a one page website of merged F1 RSS feeds (mainly so I could grab all the latest F1 news on my phone at work)

2013 January – Photo library added to accompany the news articles

2013 February

– Driver and Team specific pages added to collect news
– The F1 championship standings added so the drivers get some basic stats.

2013 March
– GP2 added… lots of work to expand the functionality to cover two series!

2013 April
– GP3, Formula Renault and Formula 3 added… I got carried away with this now!

2013 May
– Formula E added in preparation for the debut a year later.

2013 September – Past 100,000 views

2014 March – Rolex signup to run takeover ads for three races during the year providing some funding and security to the season ahead.

2014 August – Past 1,00,000 views

2014 October – Forum added… the Paddock!

2015 January

– Complete restyle of the site in preparation for the new season
– Indycar added

2015 March

– Past 2,000,000 views
– Removed the forum to focus efforts back on GP Hub.

2015 April

– Added Indy lights to complete the top level open-wheel junior categories (don’t tempt me on the others)