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The full 2014 F1 calendar highlights the global nature of modern F1, with 19 races on across the Globe.

After the promise of a 22 race calendar, it was later announced that the Mexican, American and Korean grand prix would be dropped from the calendar. Whilst the Mexican and American (New Jersey) grand prix are due to be postponed until 2015 it appears the Korean grand prix has been dropped indefinitely.

The returning Austrian Grand Prix is due to be hosted at the newly refurbished Red Bull Ring (formerly the A1 ring). This is the first time the an F1 race in Austria has been on the Formula One Calendar since 2003.

Tickets are already on sale for the more consistent races on the calendar. The top grandstand seats will sell out very quickly as there is limited spaces available so early booking is recommended. The Austrian Grand Prix sold out in an unprecedented 24 hours.

Bahrain will become the second complete night race on the calendar alongside Singapore.

Round 01 Australia: MelbourneRace 1: 16 MarchWinner: RosbergFastest Lap: RosbergPole Position: HamiltonRound 02 Malaysia: SepangRace 1: 30 MarchWinner: HamiltonFastest Lap: HamiltonPole Position: HamiltonRound 03 Bahrain: SakhirRace 1: 6 AprilWinner: HamiltonFastest Lap: RosbergPole Position: RosbergRound 04 China: Shanghai International CircuitRace 1: 20 AprilWinner: HamiltonPole Position: HamiltonFastest Lap: RosbergRound 05 Spain: CatalunyaRace 1: 11 MayWinner: HamiltonPole Position: HamiltonFastest Lap: VettelRound 06 Monaco: Circuit de MonacoRace 1: 25 MayWinner: RosbergPole Position: RosbergFastest Lap: RäikkönenRound 07 Canada: Circuit Gilles-VilleneuveRace 1: 8 JuneWinner: RicciardoPole Position: RosbergFastest Lap: MassaRound 08 Austria: Red Bull RingRace 1: 22 JuneWinner: RosbergPole Position: MassaFastest Lap: PerezRound 09 Great Britain: SilverstoneRace 1: 6 JulyWinner: HamiltonFastest Lap: HamiltonPole Position: RosbergRound 10 Germany: HockenheimringRace 1: 20 JulyWinner: RosbergFastest Lap: RosbergPole Position: RosbergRound 11 Hungary: HungaroringRace 1: 27 JulyWinner: RicciardoFastest Lap: RosbergPole Position: RosbergRound 12 Belgium: SpaRace 1: 24 AugustWinner: RicciardoFastest Lap: RosbergPole Position: RosbergRound 13 Italy: MonzaRace 1: 7 SeptemberRound 14 Singapore: Singapore Street CircuitRace 1: 21 SeptemberRound 15 Japan: SuzukaRace 1: 5 OctoberRound 16 Russia: Moscow: Sochi CircuitRace 1: 12 OctoberRound 17 United States: COTARace 1: 2 NovemberRound 18 Brazil: InterlagosRace 1: 9 NovemberRound 19 UAE: Yas MarinaRace 1: 23 November

Whilst this calendar was considered final by the FIA all circuits require approval before hosting the race. Also please check the dates of each race before purchasing your tickets.