Max Verstappen's 2017 F1 Performance

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6th Position
3rd x1 Highest Finish
11th Average Position
68 Points
13 Starts
7 Finishes
6 DNF's

Verstappen Championship Position

3rdThe national flag of FinlandV. Bottas2017-lineup-mercedes197+129
4thThe national flag of AustraliaD. Ricciardo2017-lineup-red-bull144+76
5thThe national flag of FinlandK. Räikkönen2017-lineup-ferrari138+70
6thThe national flag of NetherlandsM. Verstappen2017-lineup-red-bull68
7thThe national flag of MexicoS. Perez2017-lineup-force-india58-10
8thThe national flag of FranceE. Ocon2017-lineup-force-india55-13
9thThe national flag of SpainC. Sainz Jnr2017-lineup-toro-rosso36-32

Claims to fame or secret shames...

Fans voted as the fastest driver on the grid (91.19)

Fan's voted as the most aggressive driver on the grid (94.57)

Fan's voted best at overtaking (93.59)

Lost the most places this season (-64)

F1 Results

1 The national flag of Australia Australia 5 5th 10 10
2 The national flag of China China 16 3rd 15 25
3 The national flag of Bahrain Bahrain 6 DNF 25 Accident
4 The national flag of Russia Russia 7 5th 10 35
5 The national flag of Spain Spain 5 DNF 35
6 The national flag of Monaco Monaco 4 5th 10 45
7 The national flag of Canada Canada 5 DNF 45
8 The national flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 5 DNF 45
9 The national flag of Austria Austria 5 DNF 45
10 The national flag of Great Britain Great Britain 4 4th 12 57
11 The national flag of Hungary Hungary 5 5th 10 67
12 The national flag of Belgium Belgium 5 DNF 67
13 The national flag of Italy Italy 13 10th 1 68 +1 Lap

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Shows the finishing position over the last 13 races.

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Verstappen's Season

Max Verstappen is a 19 year old driver from Netherlands, for 2017 he is competing in Formula One with Red Bull and sits 6th in the standings after 13 races.

Verstappen has managed to make it to the podium once already this season and will certainly be looking to get there once again as the season progresses. Verstappen has struggled with some non-finishes this season, avoiding more would be paramount to a successful campaign in 2017.

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