8 20th

#13 Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado Stats F1 2014

Q2 Appearances
3 of 16
10 of 16
6 of 16
Position 20th
Starts 16
Highest Finish 12th x3
Average Position 16th

Maldonado Championship Position

18thThe national flagM. Ericssoncaterham-20140
19thThe national flagE. Gutiérrezsauber-20140
20thThe national flagP. Maldonadolotus---2014---car0
21stThe national flagM. Chiltonmarussia-20140
22ndThe national flagK. Kobayashicaterham-20140

F1 Results

1 The national flag Australia 21 DNF 0 Mechanical Fault
2 The national flag Malaysia 17 DNF 0 Power Unit
3 The national flag Bahrain 17 14th 0
4 The national flag China 22 14th 0
5 The national flag Spain 22 15th 0
6 The national flag Monaco 15 DNF 0
7 The national flag Canada 17 DNF 0 Mechanical
8 The national flag Austria 13 12th 0
9 The national flag Great Britain 20 DNF 0
10 The national flag Germany 18 12th 0 + 1 Lap
11 The national flag Hungary 20 13th 0
12 The national flag Belgium 17 DNF 0
13 The national flag Italy 16 14th 0
14 The national flag Singapore 18 12th 0
15 The national flag Japan 22 16th 0 +1 Lap
16 The national flag Russia 21 18th 0

Current Form

Shows the finishing position over the last 16 races.


Maldonado's Driver Bio

The first Formula One driver to win a race from Venezuala, Pastor Maldonado is an aggressive and determined character who takes the headlines but not always for the right reasons. During Pastor’s 2011 & 2012 campaign he often conflicted with other drivers with seemingly ‘overly aggressive’ driving. Most notably with Lewis Hamilton at Spa in 2011 where it appeared that he forced Lewis into a crash,  a similar event happened in Monaco 2012 with Sauber’s Sergio Perez.

Underneath the controversy surrounding the drivers aggression there is always pace and the funding to ensure he’s a desired driver. Pastor’s career high with his first win in the Spanish grand prix in 2012.

Maldonado's Career High

Pole position & race win at the Circuit du Catalunya in 2012 for Williams

Maldonado's Career Low

Controversial contact with Lewis Hamilton at Spa in 2011 and again with Sergio Perez at Monaco. Pastor seemingly cut across their path with the intention of crashing into them.

Maldonado's Racing Pedigree

2010 Champion GP22004 Champion FR 2.0 Italy

2003 7th Formula Renault 2.0 Italy
2004 8th Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup
2004 1st Formula Renault 2.0 Italy
2005 25th World Series by Renault
2006 3rd World Series by Renault
2007 11th GP2 Series
2008 5th GP2 Series
2008 15th GP2 Asia Series
2009 6th GP2 Series
2010 1st GP2 Series
2011 AT&T Williams - 18th
2012 Williams F1 Team - 15th, 1 win
2013 Williams F1 Team - 18th
Another tough season for Williams leaves Maldonado frustrated at the back of the midfield. With little success he switches to the Lotus F1 team in search of glory

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Pastor Maldonado helmet for 2014
Pastor Maldonado helmet for 2014

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About Maldonado

From Venezuela
Age 29
Wins 1
Pole Positions 1
Highest Finish 8
F1 Race Starts 74
Maldonado in 2015:

Pastor Maldonado has a contract in place as a driver for Lotus.