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#19 Felipe Massa

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Felipe Massa Stats F1 2014

3 of 19
Pole Positions
1 of 19
Fastest Laps
2 of 19
7th Position
2nd x1 Highest Finish
10th Average Position
134 Points
11 Top 10 Finishes
19 Starts
16 Finishes
3 DNF's

Massa Championship Position

5thThe national flagS. Vettelrbr-2014167+33
6thThe national flagF. Alonsoferrari-2014161+27
7thThe national flagF. Massawilliams-2014-car134
8thThe national flagJ. Buttonmclaren-2014126-8
9thThe national flagN. Hulkenbergforce-india-201496-38

F1 Results

1 The national flag Australia 9 DNF 0 Accident
2 The national flag Malaysia 13 7th 6 6
3 The national flag Bahrain 8 7th 6 12
4 The national flag China 6 15th 12
5 The national flag Spain 9 13th 12
6 The national flag Monaco 16 7th 6 18
7 The national flag Canada 5 12th 18 Accident
8 The national flag Austria 1 4th 12 30
9 The national flag Great Britain 15 DNF 30
10 The national flag Germany 3 DNF 30 Accident
11 The national flag Hungary 6 5th 10 40
12 The national flag Belgium 9 13th 40
13 The national flag Italy 4 3rd 15 55
14 The national flag Singapore 6 5th 10 65
15 The national flag Japan 4 7th 6 71
16 The national flag Russia 18 11th 71
17 The national flag United States 4 4th 12 83
18 The national flag Brazil 3 3rd 15 98
19 The national flag UAE 4 2nd 36 134

Current Form

Shows the finishing position over the last 19 races.


Massa's Driver Bio

Years of service alongside some of the true greats of modern Formula One. Schumacher, Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso have all had hugely successful campaigns alongside Felipe Massa in Ferrari. However, despite winning races and a strong show of speed and strategy Massa was always regarded as the second driver at Ferrari. Only 2008 opened the door for Massa to lead the team – when Raikkonen appeared distracted – to a bitter title fight against McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton eventually going the way to Hamilton despite Massa’s efforts.

The following season Massa sustained a life threatening head injury as he was struck on the visor by a stray spring whilst following a car. The injury left Massa critical before making a gentle return to F1 the following season.

On his return in 2010 Massa found himself once again playing the second driver role to new team mate Fernando Alonso. The situation was made clear as soon as the 11th round at the German Grand Prix where Massa was ordered to hand his race win to Alonso to aid his title charge.

After several seasons of appearing to be being pushed out by Ferrari, Massa finally took hold of his own career and switched to the Williams Martini Racing team for their 2014 campaign.

Massa's Career Low

There are two very striking low points for Massa.

Qualifying, Hugarian GP 2009

Felipe sustained life threatening injuries at the Hungaroring in 2009 when he was hit on the head by a stray suspension spring.

Brazillian GP 2008

A gut wrenching blow in 2008 after finishing the race in first place he was told to have done enough to take the title. He celebrated with his home crowd for half a lap before being told the calculation was wrong and the title went to McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.

Massa's Racing Pedigree

2008 Runner Up Formula One2001 Champion Euro F 3000

1998 5th Formula Chevrolet Brazil
1999 1st Formula Chevrolet Brazil
2000 1st Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup
2001 1st Euro Formula 3000
2002 Red Bull Sauber Petronas - 13th
2003 F1 Ferrari test driver
2004 Sauber Petronas - 12th
2005 Sauber Petronas - 13th
2006 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - 3rd, 2 wins
2007 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - 4th, 3 wins
2008 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - 2nd, 6 wins
2009 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - 11th
2010 Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - 6th
2011 Scuderia Ferrari - 6th
A bad year for Felipe with many questioning his ability to race. With almost constant contact with McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and a powerful team-mate taking charge of Ferrari Felipe found himself playing the 2nd driver role too often.

2012 Scuderia Ferrari - 7th
Felipe struggled at the start of the season with a total lack of speed. When compared to his flying team-mate Fernando Alonso it looked like a certain deal that Felipe would be replaced with speculation around a desperate mid season transfer. By the last races of the season when Felipe's contract was looking at it's most insecure he managed to turn his season around with some stellar performances.

2013 Scuderia Ferrari - 8th

Felipe Massa helmet for 2014
Felipe Massa helmet for 2014

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About Massa

The national flag
From Brazil
Age 33
Wins 11
Pole Positions 16
Fastest Laps 16
Highest Finish 2
F1 Race Starts 191
Massa in 2015:

Felipe Massa has a contract in place as a driver for Williams.

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